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"Highly regarded and respected, with impeccable credentials, she [Anne Gadwa Nicodemus] is everywhere on the research stage now. Known for her rigorous and exacting work product, she gets into the issues and isn’t afraid to voice strong thoughts, take stands and question methodologies and results." —Barry's Blog: 2014 Fifty Most Powerful and Influential People in the Nonprofit Arts (USA)


Launched in 2009, Metris Arts Consulting believes in the power of culture to enrich people’s lives and help communities thrive. We believe those benefits should be broadly shared and inclusively developed. Metris seeks to provide high caliber planning, research, and evaluation services to reveal arts’ impacts and help communities equitably improve cultural vitality. To accelerate change, we seek to share knowledge and amplify the voices of those closest to the work.

What do we actually do? We help change-agents improve cultural and community vitality. We’re micro and macro. We wrestle ugly data into submission and crank meaningful stats. We interview lots of different people and run focus groups. We listen deeply. We analyze impacts and lessons learned. We track big picture developments. We articulate and amplify policy trends. We ask good questions. We make maps. We work with communities to develop cultural plans and inventory assets. We develop tools to help monitor progress towards reaching project goals. We collaborate on real-time creative placemaking efforts, both as thought-partners and by providing data analysis. We often partner strategically with other firms to tailor the right mix of capacities and expertise for each project. We ask more good questions. We share ideas. We advance the conversation.

The “work” translates into think pieces and presentations, cultural ecology and creative placemaking studies, robust impact evaluations, indicator systemscultural plans, and book chapters and journal articles—critical resources for a range of national and international clients, including philanthropic foundations, government agencies, and community and arts nonprofits.

We’re always happy to explore potential work. Metris views clients as active partners and particularly desires relationships with entities that are open to critical learning and innovation. We also seek opportunities to deepen our commitments to racial and cultural equity through both our work products and employment practices.

We are a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE) and a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) certified through the National Women’s Business Enterprise National Council.


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