PublicArtReview54Project Evaluation as Art (2016)

Measurement, assessment, evaluation: big, complex words that many people associate with stress, fear, or annoyance. But measuring the impact of your art-related work doesn’t have to be a necessary evil that rears its ugly head when you’re rushing to get grant paperwork out the door. In fact, evaluation can be an integral part of the creative process. Metris’ Rachel Engh unpacks these concepts in an article for Public Art Review.

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Small is Beautiful: Creative Placemaking in Rural Communities GIAReader25.2(2014)

How does creative placemaking unfold in rural contexts? In this article for GIA Reader, Anne Gadwa Nicodemus explores the topic through the lens of four case studies. In Bakersville, North Carolina, community leaders adopted a regional peer-to-peer learning network to better leverage craft as an industry and physically revitalize their town. In Saint Helena Island, South Carolina, the Penn Center preserves and shares the area’s unique Gullah Geechee heritage, drawing over twenty thousand tourists annually. In New York Mills, Minnesota, a town found new life and relevance as a regional cultural hub and home for artist residencies. In Arnaudville, Louisiana, a cadre of resident volunteers led by an artist reshaped a small town around the arts, its Cajun heritage, and Francophone language preservation.

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Creative Placemaking 101 for Community Developers (2014)

In an article for LISC’s Institute for Comprehensive Community Development, Anne Gadwa Nicodemus empowers community developers by focusing on creative placemaking fundamentals: strategic action by cross-sector partners, a place-based orientation, and a core of arts and cultural activity.

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Artists and Gentrification: Sticky Myths, Slippery Realities

Artists and Gentrification: Sticky Myths, Slippery Realities (2013)

Hailed as “gentrification shock troops,” the perceived link between artists and gentrification is staunchly entrenched in the public imagination. In an article for, Anne Gadwa Nicodemus takes an unflinching look at complicity in neighborhood change and displacement. Substantive commentary exposes sticky myths and probes slippery realities.

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Creative Placemaking 2.0 (2012)Creative Placemaking 2.0

In an article for GIA Reader, Anne Gadwa Nicodemus unpacks creative placemaking today: our rapidly evolving understanding, major policy shifts, challenges around evaluating impact and equity concerns, and opportunities ahead.

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Defining Creative Placemaking (2012)

Ann Markusen and Anne Gadwa Nicodemus reflect on creative placemaking’s evolution in an interview for a feature story in NEA Arts Magazine.

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